A Path to Free Market Health Insurance

The Rand Paul/Mark Sanford Replacement to the unaffordable no cares act, also known as Obamacare does not have Republican Leadership support as it eliminates funding for the Medicaid expansion that Republican Governors want continued.

A Free market solution that should pass is in three parts.

1) A Clean Repeal of Obamacare similar to legislation vetoed by President Obama in 2015.

2) The Rand Paul Mark Sanford Bill which gives us free market healthcare at the lowest possible prices, eliminates the individual health care market by letting everyone join an association, and lets insurers from all 50 states compete.

3) A new bill to fund the Medicaid Expansion out of the new tax revenues generated by removing the anchor of the ACA from American Business.

Lowered insurance costs thru competition, elimination of the mandates will allow millions of Americans to have medical insurance again.  Reduce the health care costs of those on Medicaid and the money saved will add more jobs, removing some from the Medicaid rolls.

Rand Paul’s free market bill will allow millions of Americans to get a “major medical” plan.  Real affordable insurance that will protect you against a major disease of accident.  Having most American’s insured means Hospitals will no longer have to jack up rates to cover the uninsured.